Puerto Galera

Having grown up in a city wherein the beach is a 30-minute drive, I never realized how much the escape to the sea is badly needed. Manila is like two to three hours away from the beach (and the decent ones are even more hours away!). Now that summer has hit, I craved diving into the cold waters of the sea, the breeze through my hair and the sand massaging my bare feet. And I'm not alone on this one. Thus, my friends decided that we needed to hit the beach. 

Over the weekend, we went to one of the country's famous beaches in Luzon, Puerto Galera. It's one of the nearest escapade for Manila folks who wants to go the beach. If you're in Manila, it would take about 4-5 hours travel time to get there. You need to ride a bus to the Batangas port, and once you get there you'll need to ride a small boat aka bangka. Be ready for the waves though! If you get seasick a lot (like me!), I suggest you take a seat that's in the middle of the boat plus take some meds! Don't worry though, the ride will be worth it! You'll be greeted by very fine sand and some cool breeze smashing your face. 

Aside from getting away with the hustle and bustle of the city, there's tons of food to choose from! And it's very cheap too. If you're a big rice eater, then you're at the right place. Most of the restaurants offer unlimited rice. And you've got tons of fruit juices to choose from!

The only downside of this place is it's badly maintained. The seashore has a few cigarette butts and empty plastic bottles. I don't know where the environmental fee is going to be quite honest. 

To be fair, it was a nice escape from the city. I needed to be away for awhile from work and it was a good breather. 

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