How to get 'unstuck'?

We all somehow reach a certain point in our lives where it feels like we're no longer moving or progressing. Each day is likely a repetition of the previous day, and you're wondering if you're even heading towards a destination. The feeling that something is missing or off or 'being stuck' is not foreign to most people. I personally had been experiencing this way for the past few months and getting out of this hype can be unbelievably difficult. I'm writing this post because I want to finally take action to get out of this rot and I want to share this journey with you.

For some people, the sense of being 'stuck' can be demotivating. They end up doing nothing at all having the impression that taking action might not help them to propel forward. But believing that is actually wrong... recognizing that you're feeling 'stuck' might be an internal signal telling you that you need to make some sort of changes that will help improve your life drastically.

We can't expect the things around us to do the changing for us... we, ourselves, have to make the changes. It will be difficult, exhausting, frustrating and maybe even discouraging, but if you know why you have to change and what purpose it serves for you... you're one step to having your dream life!

I've been reading some articles in and one of its posts, Work Ethic, got me inspired to pick up some slack and finally get my ass back to my goals and routines. I thought now is the perfect time to have my act together before heading to 2020. With that, I finally summed up five ways to help me and you get unstuck!

1. Knowing what in life needs to change. Also, find the 'why'.

I think this is the most crucial part of getting unstuck. If you are able to identify which part of your life makes you unhappy, then working out a solution will come out easily. Recognizing what you're struggling with also lets you determine what actions and steps you need to take to help you move forward. As a popular saying goes, understanding the problem is already half of the solution.  

Now, that we have established what problems are needed to be fixed and what actions to take, it's time to make it more meaningful and purposeful. Finding out the 'why' behind the changes will have an emotional connection to you, and this aids you to commit to the changes you wanted to see. 

2. Make some changes and commit to it daily

We have finally figured the what, how and why... it's time to make take action. The only way for it to work is to do it daily. Consistency is the key to make things work. A minute a day of trying to get yourself is so much better than telling yourself to do it 10 minutes the next day or next week. It's the constant doing that leads you to the desired results. 

3. Do something that makes you happy

There's a great sense of fulfillment if you spend some time doing what makes you happy. Find hobbies and interests, and rekindle them. Don't just do things because everyone you know is doing them and they make it look fun, look within yourself what puts a smile on your face, what makes you feel genuinely happy. If you have to change something within yourself, make sure that you enjoy it so it will be easier for you to get used to it. There's also that factor of emotional connection which will make this getting unstuck process more enjoyable.

4. Reflect daily on what you have achieved. Consistency is key

Take some time to reflect daily on what you have gained throughout the day. Making time to journal out your feelings and thoughts will help you see better how much you have learned during the entire process. If you're not into writing, you can try meditating. This will help you sort out your thoughts, and get you to see which aspect of your life needs more attention and focus on. Meditation doesn't just help you clear your mind, it is also known to have great effects on the person's ability to focus and to become truly present.

5. Appreciate yourself and your achievements

Getting to see how much you have achieved and learned, make sure to appreciate the efforts you have done and reward the amount of work you have placed to reach your desired results. The ability to acknowledge that you have done something to become a better version of yourself will motivate you and inspire you to even help you move further than where you currently are. Also, don't wait for other people to recognize what you have done and what you've reached, you, yourself, need to know how to give appreciation to what you have accomplished. Remember that all of the changes you're trying to make into your life are not mainly to benefit the people around you, but for yourself... to become the best version of you can possibly can.


As I'm writing this post, I'm swearing to make commitments myself to get some things done on being 'unstuck'. I've really lost most of the routines I've built earlier this year and I'm trying to get it all back before the year ends. I'm wishing myself the very best of luck to achieve all of this too!

Have you gotten a point in your life where you felt you're no longer moving and have been in the same place for long?  What ways have you done get you out of the rot? I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts!

See you soon!

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  1. Excellent tips ... The very act of writing out your desires and moving gently toward them, keeps your dreams flowing in your direction. Reach out, catch them as they come.

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