Her Amazing Journey

Hello everyone! Welcome to #HerAmazingJourney! I am Herah May Olaso, based now in Cebu City, Philippines. An accountant who loves to take photos, travel the world and read books.

Her Amazing Journey started out as a travel blog, an online diary of adventures and wanderings in this world. The site was initially intended to be a keepsake of those wonderful experiences.

This 2019, I decided Her Amazing Journey will be more than just be a travel blog, but an account of what an amazing journey life is. It'll be a narration of my path to self-discovery. After a pivotal event in the last quarter of 2018, I just want to get my life back on track. I will use this blog as a tool to write about my journey. I would share more than just travels, but something more meaningful... like books or podcasts that inspired me, some interesting life events, new learnings, and anything under the sun that makes this life more beautiful.

Looking forward to sharing this amazing journey with you!