BGC Photowalk and Fujifilm X-A3

Hi y'all!

I'm putting up another entry for a BGC photowalk. Oh, the perks of living within walking distance of BGC! I was feeling a bit bored over a weekend, and I feel like making some content for the blog. Thus, I ended up having a stroll around BGC.

The last time I've gone to BGC for a photowalk, it ended up more of a portrait photography, rather than a street photography. This time around, I was alone... so I didn't have a particular subject in mind, just snap some photos from here and there.

Also, I've been wanting to go around take photos badly because I bought a new camera. *squeals* Yes, I bought a new camera... a mirrorless, at that (thus, the title). All throughout the time that I was learning photography, I've been using a DSLR ever since, so switching to a different kind of camera was pretty a big deal for me. I need to get myself familiarized with the settings and the features of Fujifilm since I've had Nikon for the longest time in my photography life. What better way to learn about the camera than to actually put it to use, right? ;)

One of the few reasons why I bought a new camera because I need a more handy and compact camera. Don't get me wrong, I love my DSLR, but lugging it around especially when traveling is finally taking its toll on me. Especially now, that there are a bunch of new cameras coming out; whose qualities can rival to DSLRs. Another reason is how easy to transfer the photos from the camera to my phone. The problem I had with DSLR is I have to get my laptop out to get all the photos. And I can be extremely lazy most of the time (AKA all the time), thus, doing the transfer can be quite an effort for me. Also, I do most of my photo processing on my phone... just imagine the work done from transferring photos to the laptop then to the phone. I want to eliminate that laptop portion of my photo processing cycle. 

I decided to get myself a Fujifilm X-A3. I also bought 23mm f2.0 prime lens with it. I can't live with kit lens now, ever since I used a 35mm f1.8 prime lens for my Nikon. I was supposed to buy a lens with f1.4 one, but they were already out of stock. Also, I refuse to buy a prime lens over 35mm, as its quite a struggle to take photos especially if you want to do a landscape photography when traveling. I settled with 23mm f2.0 as it allows me a wider depth for the subject, and f2.0 can probably get me some good bokeh shots.

When I finally gone out to take photos, I immediately get a feel of the camera on my hands. First of all, I love how lightweight it is. I usually have the camera slinging around my neck, and it doesn't feel anything. With DSLR, I do feel the weight after some hours of walking around with it, and I already own one of the lighter DSLRs. 

Fujifilm X-A3 has a touch screen feature, so the downside of having to wear it around my neck is that takes photos every time it bumps to my body. It's very sensitive, which is a good and a bad thing. I turned it off after few minutes of walking around, as I get bothered every time it tries to focus when taking photos. I hear this squeaky sound when it tries to focus, then go snapping photos.

I like that I can adjust the aperture on the lens itself, rather than on the dial of the camera body. It makes me feel a bit legit (haha!). Though, I still need to get some used to it, as I've been always adjusting the one of the knobs in the body of a DSLR. I tend to end up adjusting the shutter speed, instead. LOL.

One thing I noticed too is that once you try to take a photo, the screen will already show you how it will actually look with the current settings. With DSLR, it will just show you what you can see with your eyes; you wouldn't know if the actual photo is under/over exposed. I forget most of the time to check that little graph on the bottom of the view finder when I take photos, thus, usually ending up with a under/over exposed photo. I have to adjust, and shoot again. With the Fujifilm, now I can see firsthand how my shot would actually look like with the current settings I've set it up, saves me a lot of time from taking photos all over again.

You can also charge it using a powerbank, so it is a good camera if you're always on the go. 

I have a few things which I didn't like, as well. One of them is changing the focus point of the camera. I love how easy to change focus points on the DSLR, even in the middle of taking of photos. I'm still having a hard time to switch the focus points every now and then in my Fuji. Probably I'm not very familiar with it yet, and there's actually a short cut somewhere where I can adjust it quickly.

I also don't like how the my shot looks like in the screen. It looks a bit blurry or pixelated. I have an urge to take a photo again, feeling like the shot is weird. But when you actually try to zoom it in, the photos are really very clear. I'm just not comfortable seeing initially the photos as pixelated in the screen. In DSLR, it actually comes out very clear and crisp.

I realize it doesn't have a view finder too. It has point and shoot camera feel, which makes me miss how I take photos via the view finder on DSLRs.  

Wow, I think this is one of my longest post so far, without photos. Haha! I just felt like sharing here my thoughts on my new camera. I haven't fully explored it yet, as I've only spent around two hours using it. Maybe I will do another post once I've used it on one of my travels.

For now, let me end this post with the photos I took around BGC. I post processed them in Adobe Lightroom. I've been doing some tinkering, so some of the photos might look a tad saturated.

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