Disneyland and Ngong Ping Village

Another month, another entry. And getting the opportunity to finish the Hong Kong series! 

We're finally coming to the end of the series, and going through the photos from my trip makes me feel very nostalgic. Especially now that summer is around the corner, I am itching to go travel somewhere new again. Also, the photos are making me miss the cold breeze, I can definitely feel the summer heat already!

Anyway, getting back to the whole point of this entry, I will be sharing the places I've been on the last two days of my trip in Hong Kong. I went to Disneyland and Ngong Ping Village (as the title suggests).

On the fourth day of the trip, we went to Disneyland.

This is my second time going to Disneyland, and the first time I went there was over ten years ago.  I didn't see much the last time as we only spent half a day there. However this time around, we allotted a day for the happiest place on earth. I also wanted to catch the fireworks as they're very famous for it. 

It was a Sunday when we gone there, but there were so many people in the place, that the queue to the rides would take about an hour waiting time. I only realized while going through the photos that I took more videos than photos in Disneyland. We spent most of our time waiting... waiting for the parades or getting on the rides.

Look at us on our Mickey Mouse ensembles!

We enjoyed taking photos after the fireworks when the people were already exiting the park. There were fake snow along the Main Street.

On our very last day of Hong Kong, we've gone to the Giant Buddha in Ngong Ping Village. That was the first time I've visited the place.

We opted to go on cable car rides going to the Ngong Ping Village. It saved us a lot of time for traveling. We also don't want to waste most of our time in the road as we're leaving Hong Kong on that very night.

Ngong Ping village is the little walkway for tourists coming from cable cars heading to the Giant Buddha in Po Lin Monastery. 

I've come finally to the end of the HK series. I apologize if I haven't written much... the writer's block is on its prime today *sigh*. 

All of our entrance tickets on this trip, we booked it via Klook (https://www.klook.com/). It is a lot cheaper to buy your tickets there, and they have a queue dedicated to those who booked via the site/app. It's a lot faster on that line too versus buying the tickets directly on the place.

I have also made a vlog for our trip, which you can watch below! A quick recap of the 3 blog entries, haha!

And lastly, the trip wouldn't be this much fun if I wasn't with the gang 💖

See you all again on my next blog entry! 💙

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