What better way to start off February by getting some blogging done? 

Hello again everyone! It's February already, and it's my birthday month! I just turned a year older last Saturday, and can I just request for time to stop? Things are moving so fast, that I wish we had the luxury to actually savor each moment. Before we all know it, another year will go pass by again. Anyhoo, enough of the dramatics and let's get down to business.  

I've finally sorted out some photos again for the part 2 of the Hong Kong series. This time, I'll be talking about our trip to Macau, as the title would say. Macau is the Las Vegas of Asia with a number of famous casinos found in Taipa. The Portuguese culture is still quite prominent in Macau too, with its existing architecture and name of the streets. 

This isn't actually the first time I've visited Macau. However, I've visited quite a lot more tourist attractions this time around as we allotted a whole day for the trip.

We left midday in Hong Kong to allow us more time to go around. We bought our tickets via Klook, as it as more convenient and cheaper than buying it directly on the terminal. There are two options when going to Macau, you can either go via Outer Harbor or via Taipa. We took the one going to Outer Harbor as it is closer to our first itinerary, which is the Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral. Also, the casinos in Macau offer free bus rides from terminals and tourist destinations to the respective hotels and vice versa. That way, it would save you some money for the transportation.

Upon arriving in the Outer Harbor, we took the free ride from Grand Lisboa going to the hotel. You wouldn't miss Grand Lisboa, as the golden structure is one of the famous buildings in Macau.

From Grand Lisboa, it would take around 10-15 minute walk to reach to Senado Square. I didn't have much photos from Senado Square as the area was well packed! You can also go the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral via Senado Square. 

The number of tourists in Macau is no joke. It's a lot more crowded than it was in Hong Kong. I didn't get much photos around because there were just tons and tons of people around. Also, I was too fixated on eating the famous egg tarts! Everyone should try one when you visit Macau. You can also go hopping on some shops as they have free taste or samples of biscuits and treats.

After the Ruins, we went to Macau tower. Macau tower is famous for being the tallest building to offer bungee jumping. It also has an observation deck which gives you a 360 panoramic view of Macau. We also bought the entrance tickets from the Macau tower via the Klook app.

After Macau Tower, we went to Studio City to ride the 8-shaped ferris wheel, also known as the Golden Reel. The ride is about 10-minute long showcasing the view of Taipa. You can also find and buy the ticket to the Golden Reel in Klook.

From Studio City, we walked our way towards the Venetian. Along the way, you'll be able to pass some other famous casinos and hotels like the Parisian Macau and the City of Dreams.

As I haven't been to the Venetian Macau Grand Canal before, I was mesmerized by the lighting and the design of it all. I love how the clouds and the lights looked very realistic, like it is just midday outdoors, instead of late night inside a building. Please note that the photos below were taken at 12 midnight. And the good thing about going around this area at this hour is there are no more tourists and we have the place all to ourselves!

After visiting the Venetian, we headed back to the Outer Harbor again to take a ferry ride back to Hong Kong. 

I really enjoyed the Macau trip this time around as we've gone to quite a number of places even though we just spent only over half a day. It was also lot colder in Macau too, than the past few days we were in Hong Kong, though the photos didn't really reflect that we're freezing for the majority of the time.

The only thing that really irked me when we were there was the amount of tourists in Senado Square and the Ruins. I'm not sure if it just happened to be on that specific day, but there were so many people that the streets were packed. It's like being stuck in traffic in EDSA! LOL.

Anyway, that sums up my trip to Macau and the part two of the Hong Kong series. I've got one more to go! I'll see you again on the next one! :)

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