After the movie 'That Thing Called Tadhana' become a hit, Sagada in Mt. Province has become a hot spot for people to visit. Some of my college friends from Cebu came up north, and together we went to Mt. Province.

Travel time from Manila to Sagada would take you roughly 12 hours. Though along the way, you'll get to visit Ifugao and Baguio. The little town is above the mountains, thus, even in the peak of the summer season, you need to bring your sweaters and scarves. You also need at least three days to go around and visit the major tourist spots. If you're the kind of person who'll enjoy adventure, then you came to right place.

Like I said, along the way, you'll be able to visit Ifugao. This is where you can find the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. If you're familiar of the Philippine geography, you'll know that this tourist spot has been coined as an Eight Wonder of the World and is internationally renowned.

Sagada is famous for Mt. Kiltipan. Most of the popularity came from the movie. The view though is breathtaking. A sea of fog/clouds above the mountains while waiting for the sun to rise.

Aside from the Mt. Kiltipan, there's other few sights to behold in the little town. Like the Bomod-oc waterfalls. Though you have to trek for about an hour to get to the falls, then you have to climb back up to the mountain to come back. Then you also have the Echo park. This is where you can see coffins hanging along the cliff of the mountains.

Also noted that most of the restaurants in Sagada has Rastafari vibe to it. The tiny place would be covered in red, blue, yellow and green. Or the background music are mostly inspired by reggae tunes.

Another thing Sagada is famous is for the spelunking. You get to have a choice of normal caving or cave connection. Normal caving would entail going into the cave and trek for roughly an hour. Cave connection would take you about 4 hours as you will enter from one cave and exit in another. I haven't had the chance to take photos as I didn't bring along my camera.

Sagada is such a small town that you could probably go around it in less than an hour.

Heading home, we stopped by a market place and a strawberry farm in Baguio to buy some treats back home.

And to end this post, here are some lovely flowers and lone strawberry!

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