I've always fancied going to Corregidor, so when I saw that there will be a photowalk held there by some users of Instagram, I thought I'd join. At first, I was kind of hesitant since I don't know anyone and I'm very shy. I might probably find it hard to go out the way and chat with people. I'm that shy. But in the end though, I got to drag a friend with me and we both went to the Corregidor. At least now, it is less awkward than it used to.

Like I said, I've always been wanting to visit Corregidor. It was nice to come and see one of the country's historical islands. Corregidor is filled with so much stories from the time of war. Corregidor has been strategically placed in the sea so during the times of colonization of the Philippines, most of those who wanted to enter Manila has to pass through Corregidor first. So during the times of war, Corregidor has been greatly affected of the bombings and fight.  A lot of people died during the World War in this island, thus, it is also famous about ghost stories. But anyway, the ghosts are not the main focus of this post. 

I do believe it was a good experience for me though. It was my first photowalk and Instameet. It was nice to meet people who has the same interests as me, to travel and take photos. So to be able to see their works and what they can do, I feel more inspired on my photography. I know there's yet so much to learn still but hey, it all starts there. I'm looking forward to another opportunities like this one so I could learn more about what I'm passionate about and get acquainted to a lot more people.

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