Few things to expect when you go to Saigon...

I took a week off from work to go backpacking around Southeast Asia with my friends. Just the break I needed away from the hustle and bustle.

We started off with Vietnam, then to Cambodia and lastly to Thailand. We spent about two days for each country, one day spent to see the city and one day to travel to another country. I know I spent so little time in each country that's why I'm trying to look again for flights to come visit them again. 

For today's blog though, my main focus from the trip is Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) City in Vietnam. I actually fell in love with this little city. We actually got around to most of the city's sights in just a day. We manage to do that without riding any modes of transportation too, which was great since we were able to see more of the city by strolling along the streets. I believe though there's a lot more places that I still need to visit so going there for the second time around is definitely mandatory.

Anyway, going back to the title of this post, I'm going to list down some of the things that you should expect when you visit Saigon. 

Expect tons of motorbikes along the streets. They just pop out from anywhere, and not just one or two motorbikes... at least twenty of them! Making it pretty difficult to cross the streets, so you need to bide your time.

Coffee!!! Their coffee is to die for. I enjoyed it a lot that I bought some back home.

For someone who hasn't been to Europe, I've always enjoyed looking around places that are European-inspired. So I definitely had fun walking along the streets of Notre Dame to Saigon Opera House as most of the buildings are usually inspired by the French culture.

You get a free postcard in the post office. And the post office is open even on Sundays so you can send this to your loved ones back home!

Saigon is rich with history. The city is pretty much dotted with museums. In that way, you'd be able to gain some idea as how did this city become as it is today.

And with rich culture comes rich flavors. (I just made that up! :p Apologies!) You should definitely try the famous Pho as the soup itself is already delicious! And the famous Vietnamese sandwich, Banh Mi. It's absolutely flavorful!

Along the streets or museums, you can get little corners to take good photos. You got a free pass on gorgeous backdrops ;)

You should definitely not miss out shopping in Saigon. As most of the big clothing/bag companies' factories are in Vietnam, there's a lot overruns that you could buy in night markets. And they come very cheap! I don't have photos unfortunately as I was too distracted with the amount of things to choose from!

I'm definitely coming back for you, Saigon. I know there's yet so much to see and judging from my smile, I had tons of fun being there!

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