The Magic Lives On

Most of you who have gone to Enchanted Kingdom must be pretty familiar of the title I quoted above. I've been to EK multiple times but this is the first time that I wasn't really into the rides. Judging by the EK's map, I've tried 80% of their rides (not including those truly meant for kids, of course).

This year, our company decided to go to the country's biggest theme park for the Family Day. Since I don't live with my family here in Manila, I brought along my second family, my college classmates who is working here in Manila. We celebrated the day like one family and it was one of the best days I had so far this year.

Me being all excited for another fun-filled day

Disk-O Magic + Space Shuttle

 Flying Fiesta

Enchanted Kingdom's famous mascot, Eldar the Wizard

Won a teddy bear (which I later on baptized as Macy!)

And my second family, who made the day extra special :)

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