Barkin' Blends

I've always been a huge fan of dogs. My friend, Flaire, discovered a place in Quezon City called Barkin' Blends. It's a little cafe wherein they let you play with dogs for about two hours. They had about ten dogs in the area but most of them are sleeping, or don't approach people that much. It was fun to watch them but unfortunate that I can't play with them much, though.

Everyone, meet the dogs!

And when you enter the doggy playhouse, you get a free drink.

And if you're a bit hungry, you can get to buy some cute and yummy food like these pupcakes.

And here are some photos with the doggies!

Sleepy Skye

Scared-looking Bonnie

Sweet little Clyde!

Ewok looking all grumpy!

Wookee trying to jump out of my lap :(

"Wake up, Skye!" Coco says.

Robin wants the treat so he's being a good little dog following orders!

RJ is sleeping with Skye!

Coco approaches again Skye to wake up but Skye's to sleepy to be bothered.

And here's some additional photos of me in UP-Ayalaland TechnoHub!

It was a Sunday well spent! :)

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