Month in Review: February

I'm setting up this new series in my blog, the monthly review. I wanted to put this up to reflect on how the month went for me. 

January, for me, felt like a testing phase. With so much happening at the end of 2018, I felt like I need a fresh start this 2019. As arbitrary as it sounds, I started the new year with resolutions on hand. However, I was tippy-toeing around the month, trying on things that I may or not like. It really was in February that I really tried to put an effort into making things happen. 

The start of February went slowly for me. I felt lethargic most of the time. If not, emotional. I had days I was just so glum. I was doubting if the efforts I've been making were futile. It wasn't until midway of the month that things were starting to pick up.

It was during a dinner with friends on Valentine's that made me feel I am doing better than I expected. I begin to realize, as well, where to invest more of my time and my energy. I talk more to friends who are going through also the journey of self-discovery and self-growth. Even though, I initially thought that I wasn't making any progress... I really am. I am more patient and more understanding with myself, that there are certain things beyond my control. And that's absolutely okay. How I react to these situations, will actually be the game changer and not the situation itself.

With that kind of awareness, I feel kinda proud to say that I'm somehow making a little progress. *yay me!* I know myself a bit more now than I did in January. But really, my journey is just beginning.

I am actually quite excited for the upcoming months. I have started planning out what to write in the blog. I am brainstorming ideas, and also, asking a couple of friends what they would like to read. I am thrilled with the prospect of new learnings ahead and share it with everyone.

How about you? How did your February go? I'm going to end this post with a photo of sunflowers to brighten up your day. 🌻

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