Her Amazing Journey

"Adore the detour."

I was supposed to write this entry next week, but today has been such a good day that I felt that jolt of enthusiasm to post a new blog entry. The past few months had been a constant struggle of whether I should post this entry now or postpone it to some other time... and today, that spark of inspiration just hit me so hard that I need to write this down while I'm still in such high spirits.

A quick rundown, the past few months I was struggling with mild anxiety. It was difficult for me to open up to people about it as I was too afraid I'd be judged. I withdrew myself to almost everyone I know. I discussed my situation to very few people, and that was already even extremely hard for me. Lately, I still don't like to talk about it very much. I decided a while back that if ever I decide to discuss about it, I'll write it down in my blog. It really took me a while to find the courage to write this entry because I was too concerned about how people might react to the reason why I was struggling with anxiety. But then I realize, I don't owe anyone explanation anymore. I've already told the people that I felt like needed to hear my story. I've already acknowledged the fact that people might not understand what I went through, and that's absolutely okay.

This condition made me realize a lot of things, and where I should focus more my attention to. I've gone my way back to things I was passionate about, writing, reading, photography, and traveling. I've also tried to explore new things, like podcasts and meditation. I try to invest more time with my family and close friends. Though I still had a few bouts of anxiety attacks, I feel like I'm still better now than I used to be. I also shared my journey with some of my friends, and somehow, I have inspired them to try out the few things I've done, or read some articles that I have read myself. Also, whenever they have shared something that made them feel good, I would also like to try them out for myself.

With this, the hashtag #HerahMayzingJourney (Her Amazing Journey) just meant a whole different meaning to me. I coined it out initially as a travel hashtag... that my travels aka journey were amazing. But now, it meant deeper than travels, it meant that life is an amazing journey to take on. Thus, I want to rebrand this blog somehow that it is more than just a travel blog, but also a blog about life or anything good under the sun. I just want to keep growing now and make really this journey an amazing one. 

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