The Filling Station

Sup, sup? Ahh, the past few months have been crazy! And the next month or so, will be too! I just finally got a breather today to write down an entry. This is just sort of a photo dump of the dinner I had with my friends in a restobar in Makati, The Filling Station. It is located along Burgos Street, Poblacion. The restaurant is famous for their retro-inspired interiors. Also, if you're a Riverdale fan, you'd get the feels of the show in this restaurant. Thus, I tagged my camera along and take some photos of the place. 

The food also tastes good! Meals are about Php 300-500 on an average per person, a bit pricey for a casual dinner. But their servings are pretty big so it can be enough for two people to share. I ordered  banana pancakes (I can eat breakfast food at any time of the day, to be honest!) and a mocha milkshake. I was served with three massive pancakes with sausages & eggs, and I can't finish it all. If you're working on a budget, suggest take a friend or two, and order another meal for all of you to share. 

You can have your meals in the car when you reach at least Php 3000 on your bill. Since there were seven of us, we are able to reach this amount.

After having the meals, we took our time taking photos around the restaurant.

That's all for now, see you around on the next post.  😉

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  1. whaaaattttttttttttttt?????? nice nice. giahak, na saag man ko diri oi...hahahahaha... good job Herah. :D