La Union

Hello again! Finally had the chance (aka not feeling lazy!) to edit photos for a new blog entry.

I was actually gonna post another entry about Pinto Art Museum, but I didn't have proper photos of the area. Most of my photos were portraits and I really didn't feel like posting another portrait photography related entry for now. Maybe I'll get into it some other time. So for now, this entry would be the last post I'll have until I go set to another adventure.

For this year's team summer getaway, we went to La Union. La Union is one of the famous surfing spots here in Luzon. We spent a weekend there, checking out some of its popular tourist destinations. This was the first time I went to La Union so it was quite exciting for me to go explore a new place. 

We left Manila around 2 am of Saturday and arrived in La Union about 8 am. Our first stop was Tangadan falls.

The road to the Tangadan falls would take about an hour trek. The trek entailed walking into the forest, jumping over rocks, and crossing rivers.  You need to pack on some energy before heading out of the trail especially if it's hot out. We were quite lucky that the weather cooperated with us when we went to the falls as it wasn't very hot.

About a half hour worth of trek, you'd encounter a stop that would give you a taste of the waterfalls ahead. You could stop on this area already and take a dip. If you are one packed with adrenaline, you could go ahead and take a jump on the cliff.

Continuing the trek for another half an hour, we had finally reached the Tangadan falls. As I love any kind of bodies of water, I was quite thrilled to finally arrive at the falls. I realized lately that I enjoyed going on treks wherein the endpoint was a waterfalls, rather than just a mountain summit. I guess that's due to the fact that I highly prefer places that I can go for a swim.

I know I can't swim very well, but I do feel very confident with a life vest on. Thus, the photo below. Look at me, finally enjoying the cool fresh water from the falls.

Second itinerary of the day was Bahay na Bato. From the name itself, the house is purely made of stones. I learned that the town was famous for producing pebbles and stones. That's why, I guess, this house got popular by showcasing the town's main product.

On the second and last day in La Union, we had two things that needed to be done, go to the beach and check out the vineyards. 

Since La Union is famous for its waves, you couldn't just miss to head out to the beach. You should try surfing when you're there. I didn't personally go surfing as I wasn't really in the mood. Hahaha, as silly as it sounds, but I wasn't feeling physically and mentally up to it. So I just went on to take a dip in the beach. I just couldn't resist when the sea water was calling my name.

Before heading back to Manila, we head out to the grape vineyards.

We were supposed to pick some grapes but it was about to rain. We still needed to head back to get our bags from the hostel before going back to Manila.

The trip to La Union was short but I enjoyed it a lot. I got to see most of the popular tourist destinations. I would love to come back, however. The next time I'll go, I need to go surfing! Hahaha!

Oh, and the trip wouldn't be pretty memorable if it weren't for these ladies. 💖

This sums up the trip to La Union. Finally caught up on posting all of my travels. I'm heading out to another adventure in a couple of weeks, and I'm very excited.

For my last note, always follow where the heart leads you. Hahaha!

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