10 years and counting

I've been with the blogging world for over 10 years now. How crazy is that?!

I can't quite remember when I started writing blogs, but I do recall quite vividly when I officially made a permanent one. I was sixteen years old then, and was about to start my senior year in High School. If I go back and read my entries, I didn't follow a particular theme. It used to be more of an outlet for me of my thoughts on that moment in time. My entries jump from what I was doing on that specific day, then to the song that I'm currently enjoying, or just plain what I felt when I was writing the entry. I was really just blurting out anything out of the blue in my entries.

I didn't stick to one blog all throughout the past ten years. I've jumped to a number of popular blogging sites out there, LiveJournal, Tumblr, Wordpress... but I always ended up going back to Blogger. I didn't post regularly too on the past ten years. Around the last few years of college, I just stopped blogging altogether. I got too busy with academics and other activities that I kind of put my blogging aside.

It wasn't until I moved to Manila for work that I decided to get back into blogging business again. I've always been a nostalgic kind of person, and I enjoy going back on my entries and photos from a few years back. So, I thought this new chapter of my life would be an interesting topic to write about. I wasn't still religiously posting my experiences after moving to Manila, that I decided to make another one and maybe focus on something that I was starting to be passionate about that. Thus, this site is born.

I started this site last 2014 with the decision on blogging about my travels. I've fallen in love with traveling so much; that creating a site to narrate about the places I've been to was a smart way for me to rekindle the memories. And what a long way I've gone since then! :)

I have never announce publicly that I have a blog. Very select people know that I maintain a blog. I always feel shy and hesitant on putting this site out there. This area in the web feels very personal to me and sharing my blog to everyone makes feel me vulnerable. But I decided to finally put this site out there. I've been in the web world far too long now and it would be nice to share everyone my stories. For someone who isn't very good at verbally expressing her thoughts and feelings, this might be a good outlet for me to tell you my experiences. 

I know I may not be very real time on my entries, but I'll try to work on that one. Hahaha! I still have two travel entries coming up. I'll try my very best to catch up on the next month.

See you very soon!

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  1. Hi Big Sis :)
    How are you? Hope you are doing fine wherever you are.
    Thank you for sharing your blog to us. Will do my best to read all your entries ♡ esp. the travel ones~
    Looking forward to more stories from you and to meet you again :)


  2. Thanks for dropping, Lyz! Hope you're doing well! :)