Art in Island

I know it's been awhile since I've posted. I have been feeling lazy in opening up my laptop and jotting down a blog post. But hey! Since September is about to close, and I haven't posted anything yet, I decided to put one up.

Some of my high school friends came up north last month. We were supposed to be heading to Ilocos, but unluckily for us, there was a typhoon so the travel agency opted to cancel the tour. With no other choice, we were left to just stay in the capital and go to places that they may find interesting.

One of them is Art in Island Museum in Cubao.

Art in Island opened late last year. This museum houses 3D art paintings in the wall wherein you can take photos and look like it is real. (You know the deal) My very first 3D art museum was in Singapore and the one here in Cubao is bigger than what is in Singapore. So if you like taking tons of photos, this place is absolutely for you! For Php 500, you can stay as long as you want and take as much photos as you want!

I suggest that you go there on weekdays. My friends and I went there on a holiday, so the place was packed. Taking photos is such a task! People were popping out of everywhere, making me very frustrated. So if you really want to take time in perfecting your photos, then you should go there on days you know it wouldn't be packed ;)

Here are some 3D art featured in the place.

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