Travel Photography Workshop pt 2

So today I have attended the workshop and it was a very good experience.

The registration for the workshop started at 1:30 in the afternoon. When I arrived at the event, there were already a few people around. However, there was no familiar face in the area, thus, I sat on a table on my own. Few minutes later, a girl arrived and sat next to me and we started chatting and introducing ourselves. Around past 2, the workshop officially started and me and my new found friend focused our full attention to the organizers.

Nella from CBTL started off the program introducing herself and about Coffee Bean. Later on, she introduced the founders of WTN, Ayen and Rachel. And there the workshop officially kicked off.

The workshop consisted of three parts. It started off with the question, why we travel. The organizers asked the participants to write down the reason for traveling. Someone answered, to see the world. Another answered, to get to know himself better. For me, it is to experience something new. All of us are too engrossed with our normal lives that traveling serves an escape for me.

The next part of the workshop was related to photography, what rules you follow and how do we present our feed. They discussed about finding the perfect light, the theme and rule of thirds. One of the things I really liked about their discussion was that they plan what they post on their feed. They have a color scheme or theme to follow before proceeding into posting something on their feeds. Somehow my intention to create a new Instragram feed had finally materialized due to this.

The program ended with a little project to create a collage from the photos given to us. So I got to know more people sitting around the table and made new friends. We created a little group and made the collage. Below is the collage that we made! The collage consisted about 3-4 photos being put all together! Applying right away what we have learned.

I was really glad I was able to take part of the workshop. I actually learned a lot from it and I'm hoping to be able to attend more programs like these! Photo below is with my new found friends and the founders of WTN.

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