National Museum of the Philippines

Hello everyone! October has been hectic for me and I didn't get much going around the city until yesterday. I heard about the National Museum being free for the entire month of October. So before the days of October ran out, together with some friends from the office, I invited them to tag along with me!

I got to admit, I wasn't expecting that the place would be massive. I thought Pinto Art Museum was already massive, but this one is too. And there are two buildings for the National Museum. (I only got into one bldg as I was already too tired!) Also, take note that there were several galleries in this building. But I wasn't able to go to each of them. Maybe it's because I was really tired, and there are a lot of people too so I couldn't fully go around and appreciate each art work.

One of the main attractions of the museum, is of course, the Spolarium by Juan Luna. This massive painting will be the one that will greet you once you enter the first gallery of the museum. This painting also quite gain its popularity after being the inspiration on the assassination scene in the movie Heneral Luna.

And there were also several paintings by Juan Luna displayed in the museum.

There is a specific gallery in the museum that only showcases statues like in the photo above. Somehow this gallery is memorable for me as I got told by the guard that my camera should have no flash. And oh, I didn't have my flash on, it was my AF-D active light that basically appears when I try to focus on something. Anyway, aside from that, I enjoyed this gallery a lot because my lens was perfect for this area!

Totally loving the focus of my kit lens!

Hallways of the museum are either dotted with paintings, or a picturesque scene of shadow play.

Hundreds of beautiful artworks displayed in the museum that you just don't know which to take photos of! Also, love reading the titles and relate it to the paintings.

I would really love to go back to the museum as I believe I haven't gotten the best out of it yet. Spent only two-three hours there, so I do believe I need about a day allotted there!

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