Month in Review: April

How did everyone's April go?

One thing I've learned this April is the value of discipline. 

I've been distracted throughout the month (especially getting into Korean variety shows again). I was so unmotivated to do anything but be lazy and watch more shows. I don't follow a very strict schedule but it does feel frustrating if I am not able to start/finish the things I intended to do. The more I delay a task, the more I don't have the motivation to do it. And that kind of energy lasted for about a quarter of the month. I started picking up my strength to do the things I have to do in the latter part of the month. 

One of the things that I focused on attaining this year was to create habits, especially morning habits. I want to incorporate exercise and meditation in the morning to jumpstart my day. If I could spend about an hour scrolling through my phone in the morning, wouldn't it be more worthwhile to spare about 10-30 minutes of my morning that benefits my physical and mental well being? With that question parked in my mind, it did help focus my energy on something more productive. 

Having that mindset, knowing that I only have limited to do things that are productive, it does create this value of discipline. When you know what is more important and what is more valuable, you tend to give more attention to the tasks at hand. It builds the perseverance to finish the things that you are required to do. Also, be able them not just one day or two days, but continuously. 
What about you, do you think you have discipline ingrained in your veins? 

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