National Museum & Intramuros

Got a weekend to do something productive!

Last month, my teammates and I wanted to immerse into a cultural activity and go around Manila. Visiting museums and Intramuros just in time for the Philippine Independence Day. What better way to celebrate the country's historic day by exploring a glimpse of its roots?

Started our little field trip in the newly built museum in Rizal Park, National Museum of Natural History.  The museum just recently opened last May, and it had been getting a number of visitors. When we got there around 9 AM, a number of people were already waiting in queue to get in. The museum opens at 10 AM. Also, all of the national museums are free of entrance.

The museum got popular for its new structures, like the tree of life and life-size statue of Lolong, the crocodile.

There's still not much to see in the Museum, some of the floors are not yet open. Only three floors are still open for people to go around and see. Only levels 1-3 are open, 4-5 are still under construction.

Since we didn't see much on this museum, we transferred to the Museum across the park, National Museum of Anthropology. 

This museum is not new, so it didn't have as much as visitors as the Museum of National History. This is great though cause it allowed us to go around the place much better. And the fact that there are a lot more open exhibits than the newer one.

After a short lunch break, we continued our little adventure to Intramuros, the famous walled city in Manila. The place is pretty historic, with the buildings and forts still maintained up to this date. Going there is like having a little trip back to the Spanish era.

We first stopped in Puerta Real Gardens. You can get into the gardens for free. This place was usually used by Governor General for state affairs. This place is a wonderful setting for garden wedding receptions.

Next stop would be Baluarte de San Diego. There's an entrance fee on this place.

Then, we went to Fort Santiago, the famous defense fortress built by the Spaniards. This fortress has gone famous too as this was the place where the country's national hero, Jose Rizal, was exiled before his execution.

Jose Rizal's footsteps

Outside of the Fort Santiago, the buildings in Intramuros are still preserved.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this little educational trip. It's nice to see the country's heritage once in a while and appreciate how the country is today. I seriously wouldn't mind coming back, especially to the Museum of Natural History once the rest of the levels are opened!

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