South Korea Pt. 4

Alas, the last bit of the SoKor series~ 

(Warning: A bunch of selfies ahead!)
On my last day in South Korea, I spent it in Busan since the flight back to Manila was cheaper. Colleagues from work went back to Manila earlier than I did. So this was officially the first time I travelled solo in a foreign country.

I couldn't believe how many times I researched on how to go to Busan from Seoul. I was a bit nervous about this trip, to be honest. Well, I was on my own in a foreign place, where I didn't know anyone, where I didn't know how to speak the language and not everyone knew how to speak English, as well. I was wondering if I should just stay in the hostel until my flight back to Manila. But then, I heard a number of lovely places in Busan so I thought it'd be a waste if I will just hole myself up in the hostel. 

So, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and to go enjoy what the city has to offer. I studied a number of maps to familiarize where the hostel is located. I reviewed the train route from hostel to the bus stops/tourist spots/airport or vice versa. I seriously did a lot of research before I went to South Korea to prepare my solo trip in Busan.

I took a 7am bus from Seoul to Busan. I read from blogs that it'd take roughly 3-4 hours to get to Busan if you take the normal bus. The ride was very comfortable as I was asleep the entire time. I woke up when we get to the city proper. 

It was very sunny in Busan when I arrived. I took off my jacket before getting off the bus. Color me surprised that the gust of wind that greeted me when I stepped out was actually quite chilly. I had to put back on my jacket.

When I got to the hostel, I heard it was close to the beach. I took a walk around and went to see the beach. It was about 10-15 minute walk from the hostel. It was such a lovely time to be on the beach as it was really sunny, but the sea breeze was cold. It was absolutely perfect.

I spent about an hour in a cafe by the beach, going through my plans in Busan. While walking back to the hostel, I gone past like a market area. I felt like I was fully immersing myself in South Korea.

Since I technically had a day and a half to go around in Busan, I was planning to see at least three attractions, Gamcheon Cultural Village, Taejongdae Park and Haedong Yonggungsa. On that afternoon, I decided to go to Gamcheon. I wanted to see the village on the mountainside on a sunset. I read that you can walk up going up to village from the train station. I went around trying to navigate myself going to the village. 

I actually got lost. I took a wrong bus and stopped in a station farther from the village. I then walked myself back to the train station, where I took the bus. When I got there, I tried to just go by walking to village. I didn't realize that it would take me about an hour and since it's going uphill, it was also very exhausting. It was getting dark when I reached halfway of the route. I told myself to leave it and head to Taejongdae Park instead. I kind of regretted going there by foot, I should have taken a cab. I wasted a lot of time.

When I arrived at the station where I can ride the bus to Taejongdae, it was already dark. I got anxious and decided to just head back to the hostel. I didn't want to stay up too late out in the night in an unfamiliar place.

I realized later on when I studied again the places I wanted to visit that they were not situated very close to each other. It would take at least an hour train ride from my hostel to get to these places. The research I did wasn't enough. :(

After running through again my itinerary, I decided to go back to Taejongdae and Gamcheon the next day. They went on the same train line so it'd be smarter to head out that way. I'd try to insert Haedong Yonggungsa if I still had the luxury of time before I head out to the airport.

I went to Taejongdae first the next day as it was closer. Taejongdae was famous for its lighthouse and rock formations on its cliffs. The view from Taejongdae was beautiful, you'd get to see the sea while being on top of interesting rock formations.


Since I was traveling solo, most of the photos I have on this area are selfies or via tripod (thank God for tripods!). I really wasn't kidding in the introductory part of the post that there'd be a bunch of selfies on this post.

I managed to get another tourist to take some of photos too!

After Taejongdae, I immediately gone to Gamcheon Culture Village. I took a cab this time going the village. It saved me more time and a lot of effort, too!

I bought a Gamcheon village map for KRW 2,000 to help me navigate around. The map would take you to some famous art designs or pieces around the area. There were stops where you can collect stamps and post cards.

I actually had fun going around the village, trying to scavenger hunt those booths with stamps. The village was colorful and lively which makes every turn and corners very fascinating.

The houses on side of the hills had vivid, colorful roofs. It was like a coloring book gone to life!

I didn't manage to finish all my stamps in the map. I missed out two. Though I'd been into the places already. I just didn't see where the stamps were placed :( I wanted to complete the stamps however I need to run back to hostel for my flight back home. I actually got lost again trying to look for the right bus back to the train station. Gamcheon village kept getting me lost! Haha but it was worth every confusion.

I'm very much willing to go back to Busan and see more of it. I feel like I was rushing all the time while I was there. It'd be nice to leisurely go around without worrying about time.

I can't believe I'm finally concluding my South Korea blog entry series. It had been a memorable trip and I look forward to sharing more my travel stories with everyone. I'll see you on my coming entries!

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