South Korea Pt. 2

Here's the part 2 of the SoKor series~

Hello again! I've finally had the chance to gather the photos for the second day of my trip to share with you all. 

Here's a photo of the street from our hostel to the train station. I got to give it to them, their streets were pretty neat. Nothing special really on this photo, but I thought it'd be nice to share how their street looks like.

For the second day, we did a city tour. We actually had the chance to visit more places since most of the tourist destinations were close to each other. The first itinerary of the day was to go to Gyeongbokgung palace, it's one of the Five Grand Palaces of Korea. 

When we got to the palace, we were in time to witness the changing of the royal guards. This ceremony happens only twice a day, so it was really great experience to see it firsthand.

Being the largest among the five grand palaces in South Korea, we only managed to go one side of the palace. We planned a number of things for the day, so we wanted to maximize our time and not focused on one palace. The side we got on are mostly the kitchen and dining areaa. The kitchen were split into different areas, there's one that will be used for normal meals, and there's one also used in cases for grand feasts in the palace. Same goes for the dining area.

Below are photos of how the palace structures look like. Just look at those details!

A group photo with some of the Koreans guarding the kitchen area of the palace.

Trees were everywhere in the palace, as well. I've grown a huge fascination for autumn that I just couldn't help but pose and ask a friend to take a snap. Oops! 

And you can come in for free in the palace if you wear a traditional Korean dress! It'd be no surprise if you see some guys walking around wearing hanboks.

After the Gyeongbokgung palace, our next stop was the Bukchon village. This little village is famous for the traditional Korean houses.

We then gone on to one of the other five grand palaces, Changdeokgung Palace. 

This is probably my favorite palace among the two we have visited. The palace has a secret garden with beautiful landscapes within.

It's such a lovely walk around the garden especially if this is the view that surrounds you.

I actually had the time of my life in this garden! With the beautiful colors around, I was so excited to play with bokeh and actually got these results.

Look, a shameless photo of me, trying to blend in with the leaves!

By evening, we went to N Seoul Tower to check Seoul at night.

And definitely those famous love locks.

It had gone cold by the time we went on the N Seoul Tower, so we didn't stay too long. We decided to cap off the night at Myeongdong for some night market shopping and street food!

Man, this was one helluva long entry. I'm gonna finish this post now as this actually commences our second day in South Korea. Let me end this post with a lovely view of Seoul at night.

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