Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum, a museum located in Antipolo, Rizal, gives shelter to some contemporary artworks made by new Filipino artists. Pinto, which means a door in Filipino, welcomes you inside as it showcases the talent and creativity of the Filipinos.

I am not exactly sure where I stumbled upon Pinto Art Museum, but ever since I've seen people posting about it, I've been itching myself to go. I am curious what the little museum holds. 

At first, I actually thought that Pinto will be a typical museum with several floors with various pieces of art. Color me surprised when I entered the museum. It is not so little, after all! When I get to take in the place in front of me, there are about five to six buildings that houses different artworks. The rooftops of the buildings gives you a brilliant view of the Manila skyline. Their little garden is dotted with statues. Since the museum is sitting on top of the hill, staircases are just everywhere.

Even the exterior of the buildings is a piece of art, thus you just cannot resist to take a snap! Somehow, the scenery reminds me of Santorini, Greece!

Pinto Art Museum is filled with modern sculptures making me amazed by how creative the Filipinos are. I mean, come on, I cannot fathom a human body-inspired structure made of wires. Thus, being surrounded with artworks, no matter how eccentric it can be, I can always appreciate it. I wish I could have a talent to create something out of my bare hands.

This is probably my favorite part of the museum. I love how the natural light is giving justice to the art pieces. And also, most of the displays in this area are very intriguing. There's an artwork displayed made of extra cloths and being sewn all together and it is so beautiful!

(photo credits: Flaire Cabrera)

They also have a picturesque little spot in between of the buildings wherein you can relax and be in touch with nature.

And there's me, trying to capture in photos, the wonderful products of gifted hands in front of me. My photos may not give the artworks as much justice as they should have gotten, but every artist who displayed their works in museums deserve a round of applause for sharing  it to the world. 

I love how Pinto brightened up my day. I have left the museum filling me with so much inspiration. I'm certain that this museum will continue to open its door to everyone who needs a little bit of color in their lives.

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