Finally got around to blog the last piece of my tri-city backpacking trip. Last stop, Bangkok!

Bangkok is a perfect balance of history and modernization. When we got to Bangkok, I was pretty surprised with the state of the city, it was pretty urbanized. And in a very good way. After seeing Vietnam and Cambodia, it was something new to eyes, the buildings and highways. I was somehow relieved to finally be back in a city. I was missing the fast-paced life after few days spending in quiet cities.

We stayed in One Day Hostel, and the place was lovely. If you're reading this and decide to go to Bangkok, I suggest you stay in this hostel. It's cheap, cozy and pretty!

First photo is taken at the entrance of the hostel, and the second one is along the corridor of the dorm rooms. Seriously though, how can you not fall in love with this place?

Anyway, moving on... on the day of our going around the city, the plan is to see some famous temples and go shopping! We got on a little ship that gets us around to different piers with different tourist spots.

Our first stop was the Wat Arun. Unlucky for us, most of the temples there were under renovation. So the photos I have of the temples are covered in construction sites :( Though I got photos of these buddha's!

Our next stop, was in Wat Pho. This is the place that I had the most photos. We were able to go more in this site than the others since we paid for it! So we ensured to get our money's worth.

Like Cambodia, I was pretty amazed with the effort put in into making these temples. The symmetry of it all is insane! And I could not fathom how much time these temples took to be built. 

Oh hey, look at me, caught in the act of trying to capture the details of this structure!

We also got around to visiting the Grand Palace. The place was covered in gold! I wonder how hot would be inside. I didn't got much good photos around it because we didn't avail the tour. It was worth 500 baht!

We also had the chance to go to this super cool mall called Terminal 21. The theme of this mall is that in every floor it is inspired by a specific city. Like in the photo below... it is San Francisco inspired. It's a freaking Golden Gates Bridge inside the mall! Though, it's miniature, but still! I didn't get to go around the other floors much as we were only here to eat, haha!

I'm pretty sure there's yet so much still to see in Bangkok, but with the little time I got, I only had the chance to see those above. I'm definitely coming back to Thailand, for sure.

I shall end my post with an awkward tourist-y me.

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