Month in Review: July

July had been exciting! 💕

This month I had two major events. First, I was able to travel again to somewhere new. And second, the realization of the power of habits and consistency.

First on the list is traveling again. It's been over a year since I last traveled somewhere new. So being able to go out there and discover new places rekindled the feelings of why I really love to travel. I went to Taiwan for about a week and visited some of their major tourist destinations. I actually love the vibe of Taiwan. It was pretty urbanized, but it was pretty relaxed compared to other countries that I've been to. I will talk more about my trip in the next upcoming blogs. So watch out for that! 😉

As for the second major event is the realization of the power of habit. I vowed at the end of June that I will have to do a bit of exercise every day. I started out with 5 squats on the first day cause I was still feeling a bit lazy and unmotivated. I add another 5 every following day. There were days that I'd feel lazy so I settled with the prior day's number. In about two weeks' time, I was able to do 50 squats straight. 50 as a number was so big when I first started, so being able to actually do it is quite an achievement. And it was all because of the power of habit and consistency! If we really do have the intention of doing something, we can really achieve it. This realization really inspired me to do more good habits that will help me hugely in my growth.

July has truly been a wonderful month. I'm hoping that the coming months will also be filled with new discoveries and learnings!

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