I was talking to a friend the other day, and told her that I feel a stranger to myself lately. I'm always looking for attention from friends, seeking for reassurances from people who don't even know half of who I really am, and searching for distractions for the past few weeks. This is very unlike me. 

I've always been fine on my own. I don't mind going out on my own. I am okay drowning myself in books, tv shows, and movies. I always get to find something to do and I really don't mind doing it alone too.

But lately, I really feel lonely.

This feeling just brings about a whole bunch of other emotions... sadness, depression, anxiety...

And it's scary. 

I've always projected myself as someone who's very optimistic. I'm just afraid that one day, all this positive energy bottled up inside me, will vanish and be replaced by an overwhelming feeling of sadness and loneliness.

I guess I feel a bit relieved to acknowledge whatever phase I'm going through right now before it gets worse. At least, I know where I can start to remedy this. 

Well, somehow. 

Whatever kind of haziness my life is going through right now, I hope it'd be all clear in the end.

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