Pinto Art Museum v2.0

I had the pleasure to go back to Pinto Art Museum this year. And to my surprise, there were two new buildings to showcase more artworks and a gorgeous backdrop for a quick photoshoot.
As you can see on the introductory bit of my post, the photo I showed is a new structure built in the museum. White-painted buildings, Greek-inspired architecture, and azure skies... I felt like I flew in to Greece for an ordinary Saturday afternoon.

For Php 200 as entrance fee, you'll be able to appreciate some artworks created by Filipino artists and a whole bunch of lovely backgrounds for all those (blogger) photos.

I haven't had much chance to see the new artworks in the new buildings. Though I know one of the new buildings offers an area for dining, and the other one has a library or study of sort. 

To be honest, I was too caught up trying to find the best Instagram-worthy (and for my blog) angles in the area. :-x You'd be so overwhelmed with the number of options you could choose form!

On the way to the museum, it was drizzling. But I'm glad that the weather cooperated once we got there. The skies were clear and the sun was up. Since we arrived in the museum almost late afternoon already, the sun was just about to set, thus, giving us the perfect glow on our photos. Thanks to the golden hour!

And thank you to these lovely ladies, who were more than happy to go to Pinto Art Museum out of the blue. I wouldn't have gorgeous photos if you weren't there to take it! ;)

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