Capiz / Aklan

I apologize that it took me another month to post a new entry. In my defense, work had been extremely hectic and I was always out for the past couple of weeks. So here's me trying to post another entry before a new monthend at work comes in!

My father is originally from Capiz and since my relatives on his side had a little bit of get together, I flew in from Manila to visit. I was a teen the last time I've been there, but I've never gone around Roxas City. A distant cousin of ours decided to show us the little city has to offer.

Together with my family, we went to Boracay as our family's trip this year.

Boracay is so different from what I've remembered. The place is totally packed now with tourists. Going there is not much of a relaxation than it used to be as the place is always a buzz. But I had the chance to do something entirely new, which is the helmet diving. It was fun, but there are very few fishes already when we had our turn. I had more fun during the snorkeling during the island hopping.

That wraps up my travel around Roxas City and Boracay. I'll try to catch up soon. I still owe about 3-4 entries! See ya! :)

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