Singapore 2014

Last 2007, my family went to Singapore as our first overseas trip. I've always loved Singapore. The little country is the total package of being urbanized while staying very earthly. Streets were dotted with buildings and trees. And since our last visit, there were tons of new establishments that opened in the country.

So last September 2014, my family paid a visit again to Singapore to visit the new establishments that weren't there when we first came in 2007. 

Day 1: Universal Studios & Sentosa

We've been to Sentosa before, mainly to see the Merlion. But this time around, we came to see the Universal Studios and Trick-eye Museum. As a huge fan of the watershow back then, we didn't dare  to miss it this time too! But I got to be honest, the watershow before was better.

Day 2: Gardens by The Bay & Marina Sands 

I was enamored with the Gardens by the bay! As a huge fan of flowers, it was an absolute fun to go around in the vicinity and take pictures! I wouldn't mind coming back again to visit, to be quite fair.

Singapore was lovely as always. For sure, there's yet so much to be seen even I've been to the country twice!

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